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Luka has played an instrumental role in helping me become a better fighter. his personalized strength and conditioning programme has helped me with fat loss, my speed, my power, agility and overall boxing performance! THANK YOU LUKA!!! 

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Luka is the best trainer out there. He provided me with a personal workout plan, optimized my time while I had a busy schedule, and advised me on my daily nutrition. All of this led to a total lifestyle change, not just temporary weight loss. Luka provided me with the knowledge, mindset and accountability that I lacked beforehand. I highly recommend Luka as your personal trainer and consultant.



Luka is probably one of the hardest workers I know which is why it was a no brainier to work along side with him. He took my training to new levels and raised my fitness.. I would recommend him to anyone else looking for a improved fitness lifestyle


My Fitness journey with Luka started back in Feburary 2021. We dove right into my journey, he provided me with nutritional recommendations, a whole workout plan designed for my personal fitness and physique goals, as well as made time for weekly motivational video chats/progress updates. I've learned an abundance of knowledge from Luka over the span of our seven month progress. Major key points he has taught me is that consistency is essential in this process and there will be times where life gets busy. However, he will always be there to encourage you to make time for any sort of physical activity or exercise throughout your day. Another perspective I gained from Luka is that fitness is not just a hobby but it is a lifestyle which requires routine and effort that will inevitably be beneficial to your mind, body and soul. 

One thing Luka has always been great at keeping me motivated by recognizing and celebrating even my smallest accomplishments. He makes me feel proud for achieving my goals all on my own, to feel positive about my physique and has gained my trust in his fitness process.

7 months ago I dreaded going to the gym, but because of Luka's guidance and perspective working out is one of my sources of happiness. Without him, I wouldn't feel as empowered, productive and confident about my fitness progress. He is absolutely a great teacher and friend to have for anyone seeking to improve their physical health for he has done the absolute most for me.


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Training with Luka has been both refreshing and rewarding. He tailored my plan to achieve my goals as well as adding his expertise in areas I neglected. Appreciated his professionalism and his approach to fitness. Definitely would recommend!

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KKAN Motivate inspired me to get back into the routine of strengthening my body.  As a former athlete, I was not a stranger to rigorous physical activity; however, after having a family, I started to neglect this crucial aspect of my life.  I have incorporated a variation of the push-ups, dips, pull-ups, and other exercises which can easily be executed at home or outdoors.  I’m grateful to KKAN Motivate for their devotion to living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a stellar physique.

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